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Terp Farm Crop Planning 2016

Farms are always bustling. In spring planting starts, while in summer, growing crops require care and attention. In fall the hustle of harvesting sets in. Even in
winter a farm is busy. Winter on a farm is a time for planning and restoring fields. Plans are made not just for the coming spring, or even the upcoming year, but for the next few years!

Terp Farm is no different. Terp Farm’s Lead Agricultural Technician, Guy Kilpatric, has been busy in the fields, high tunnel, and planning room. Right now Terp Farm’s fields are blanketed in cover crops such as Winter Rye, Crimson Clover, Oats, and Winter Peas to help protect the soil form erosion, and encourage its restoration.

Here is a selection of crops used through out the different seasons on Terp Farm.

2016 crop rotation

How does Terp Farm used this crop selection to balance soil and produce demands?

But why plan so far ahead?

For nutritious and delicious produce, crops cannot be planted in the same place over and over again. Different crops take different nutrients from the soil, so crop rotation (moving crops’ location from season to season) is essential to ensuring a healthy crop. Here is a sample of Terp Farm’s 2016 Crop Rotation.


Terp Farm 2016 Crop Rotation Plans

2016 crop rotation