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Introducing the 2017 Summer Crew

Terp Farm welcomed the 2017 Summer Crew to the farm last week. We are eager to introduce them to you (from left to right above):

Michael Wijesinghe is a student in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources here at the University of Maryland. His experiences such as working on a nursery farm for five years and tackling several landscape jobs has encouraged him to study Agriculture Science and Technology with a concentration in Environmental Horticulture. He belongs to several on campus organizations such as the Student Ag Council, Alpha Gamma Rho, the Intercollegiate Farm Bureau and Green Roots, a hydroponic club he co-founded.  Michael is excited to work with the Terp Farm team  this summer and hopes to bring hydroponics projects to the farm.

Jack Murphy is an Environmental Science and Policy junior. He is currently in his 5th summer season of farming in Maryland. This summer on Terp Farm, he looks forward to learning more about tractors and other farm tools as well as adding to his knowledge on the complex processes that bring food to his plate in the University’s dining halls. In the future he hopes to use his farming knowledge to further sustainable agriculture in other communities and bring fresh vegetables to places that are in need.

Edwin Sanchez is a student in the Institute of Applied Agriculture at the University of Maryland. He is interested in finding sustainable ways to produce and grow food for humans and animals. He believes that learning and applying sustainable practices in food production is the best way to prevent health problems and pollution. He is also motivated to study agriculture because of his family, who are all involved with farming.

Lilli Kahl just graduated from the Institute of Applied Agriculture at the University of Maryland with a certificate in Sustainable Agriculture. She began at Terp Farm in June 2016 through a summer internship that eventually evolved into a year-long apprenticeship. As a part of her apprenticeship she is incorporating a cut-flower enterprise into Terp Farms’s operations. This enterprise includes a Flower CSA, vending at the Farmers Market at Maryland, and sales to various UMD Dining Services outlets. Terp Farm has given her the opportunity to put into action the knowledge she has gained in the classroom while also expanding her understanding of the field in ways that have far exceeded her expectations.

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